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Apple’s AR/VR headset reportedly focused on gaming, media, and communications

Apple will focus on three themes for its future headsets that combine augmented and virtual reality: gaming, media, and communications, according to Mark Gorman of Bloomberg.

Three-axis Apple helmet

The journalist explains:

Games should be a strong point of the device, especially since it will be equipped with multiple processors, a fan, high-resolution screens, and its own app store. Expect Apple to make the device a game developer’s dream.

For the rest, Apple is said to be preparing to work with multimedia to create content that can be viewed in virtual reality. Naturally, the content will be optimized for Apple headphones. It will be interesting to see if the content can be technically compatible with headphones from other manufacturers.

Finally, a special focus will be on connecting with Animojis in particular and experiencing virtual reality for FaceTime. The participants in a call can be, for example, in approximately the same place.

Lots of details about Apple’s AR/VR headset and specs have already been released. The device is rumored to be lightweight, featuring two main processors, two 4K Micro-LED displays, 15 optical modules, an eye-tracking system, 6E Wi-Fi connectivity and more.

The latest news is that Apple will introduce its headphones during 2022, But commercial availability can come later. The manufacturer will leave a delay between the announcement and the release for developers to build applications. This scenario is reminiscent of what happened with the Apple Watch.

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