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Apple wants to make the iPhone the Swiss army knife for your car

Apple wants to make iPhone and CarPlay more central in our cars. According to Bloomberg, the brand will work on technology that allows the iPhone to access a speedometer, radio, or even seat adjustment.

Managing notifications on iOS is very different from Android

If Apple makes its plans come true, the iPhone may soon prove to be more useful in the car // Source: Brandon Lopez – Frandroid

“Iron Heart”, it’s the name of the project thatAn apple A pilot is currently in the submarine and will require a good dose of cooperation from partner vehicle manufacturers. The aim of this initiative? make for you Iphone More useful in the car, incidentally making the device a more important tool in our daily life using CarPlay more widely. Seven years after its launch, Apple’s infotainment platform is being offered by many car manufacturers and on a variety of models (more than 600).

Apple now wants to make it a more profitable service to generate increased revenue in the auto sector…but without launching a vehicle on its own, at least for now. As Bloomberg reminds us, The Apple Car project has already suffered a series of setbacks in recent months.

Towards the omniscient CarPlay

According to a source close to the project, which was reported by American media, “Iron Heart” It will allow the iPhone (via CarPlay) to access many of the controls, sensors, and settings on board the vehicle. The device will be able to detect indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as the level of humidity. Thus it can control the temperatures (depending on regions) inside the vehicle, ventilation system or even disposal.

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The entire audio device can also be controlled by the iPhone, in addition to adjusting the seats and armrests. The iPhone will finally be able to access the information displayed by the speedometer, tachometer, or fuel gauge.

Hyundai Kona electric

Source: Yann Lethuillier for Frandroid

With access to many vehicle-specific settings and information, CarPlay will become a fully centralized interface on the vehicle, at the frontiers of comprehensive knowledge. So its role will not be limited to a simple information and entertainment platform. Bloomberg further believes that the data collected could be used by Apple or third parties to create new apps and services, for example related to driving. It will also be about providing users with a complete solution without having to refer to the private vehicle interface to control certain key functions.

this project “Iron Heart” It will follow efforts at Apple to make the iPhone more useful with some vehicles. We are especially thinking about The CarKey feature… that turns your iPhone into a transfer key.