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Apple Store: Want to go Parly 2, and fresh air for Oprah?

Apple Store: Want to go Parly 2, and fresh air for Oprah?

It is reported that Apple is planning to move its store from Barley 2 (in Chesnay) and update the Main opera (Paris), according to Information by Mark Gorman. The first, opened in 2011, is a typical Apple Store in a shopping center (at that time it was the ninth Apple Store in France). The new location is unknown, but the manufacturer reportedly intends to reopen in May 2024. As for the Apple Store, which opened its doors a year ago, the proposed work could be completed in July 2025.

Will we soon be able to debate without yelling on Oprah?

Those dates could still be changed, especially since, for now, Oprah’s renewal would only be a suggestion. Currently, the Vélizy 2 store is closed for renovations, and will reopen during the month of August. We were told that other stores in malls could get the same kind of light facelift.

Unlike the French case, Apple actually has a lot of ambition for its global network of stores (520 stores in 26 countries). By 2027, 5 new points of sale should be opened in Europe (including one in Dortmund) and the Middle East, 4 in the United States and Canada, and 15 in the Asia-Pacific region. The manufacturer wants to renew or move a total of 9 European Apple Stores, 13 in North America and 6 in Asia. In all, over the next four years, Apple could execute 53 new store openings, renovations, or relocations.

The goal is to continue to raise the profile of the Apple brand in high potential markets such as India, while providing a “better experience” for American and European customers. Among the upcoming big openings is an Apple Store in Battersea Power Station, London, at the same time as the new European headquarters.

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The Apple network includes four types of stores: mall stores, the outward-facing “Apple Store +”, the “main” with its unique design, and the “flasgship +” which is the largest and most expensive store in operation.