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Apple releases two important security updates for iOS and macOS

Apple releases two important security updates for iOS and macOS

Once you have the chance, install these two updates that fix operating system security issues for macOS computers and iOS mobile devices.

iOS 15.3 alone fixes dozens of security bugs on iPhones. For example, a flaw called CVE-2022-22587 is a memory bug in the IOMobileFrameBuffer kernel extension that provides application developers with control over memory and rendering. The latter will provide a door for hackers who will take advantage of it to gain access to the phones.

On the macOS Monterey 12.2 side, the update fixes a WebKit flaw that could display their recent browsing history and Google account information in the main Safari 15 and third-party browsers.

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Fingerprint Tracking

Another – with unique fingerprint tracking, which consists in following an Internet user through their digital traces without the possibility of circumvention or blocking – was discovered by Fingerprint JS in Apple’s implementation of IndexedDB, a programming interface (API) that stores data in your browser. As a reminder, Fingerprint JS is a service for detecting digital fingerprints in browsers.

This flaw would allow any website to track other websites the user visits in different windows or tabs on their browser.

Other security issues affect iOS allowing apps to gain administrator privileges. Maliciously, these can access kernel privileges and user files on iCloud.

Finally, going from 12.1 to 12.2, the new version of macOS Monterey corrects nearly a dozen vulnerabilities, including the Safari scroll issue on MacBook laptops.

Previous Big Sur and Catalina systems are also receiving their share of repairs.

Here we find a file System updates list for Apple devices.