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Apple releases the second generation of the HomePod smart speaker

Apple releases the second generation of the HomePod smart speaker

AA / Istanbul / Ofunk Kutlu

US-based technology company Apple launched its second-generation HomePod smart speakers on Wednesday, which offer better sound quality, voice automation through Siri assistant, and a smarter and safer home experience.

The new HomePod offers advanced audio processing and support for audio tracks to adapt them to your indoor space.

The speaker will also allow users to create smart home automations using the Siri assistant, and set up alerts if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in the home. The HomePod also lets you check the temperature and humidity in a room, all with hands-free technology.

“Leveraging our audio expertise and innovation, the new HomePod delivers deep, rich bass, natural mids, and clear, detailed highs,” Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said in a press release.

“With the popularity of the HomePod mini, we’ve seen a growing interest in the more powerful audio that can be achieved in a larger HomePod.”

The new HomePod also supports the Matter standard, which allows smart home products to work in different ecosystems for customers using different brands.

Customers can start ordering the new HomePod online Wednesday and also through the Apple Store app for $299. The speaker will be available from February 3.

* Translated from English by Mounir Bannour.

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