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Apple picks up Tesla for its Apple Car

Apple picks up Tesla for its Apple Car

Apple is taking its time developing its electric car. According to a recent rumor, The company has a big problem with one component, the battery. But things have been the same for Apple Car since Bloomberg told us Cupertino is moving to Tesla. An apple He is currently hiring CJ Moore, Software Engineer Autopilot The company is headed by Elon Musk. Bloomberg says the man will be working on a similar app for Apple’s car and will report to Stewart Powers. The latter is none other than the former CEO of Tesla, the former vice president of engineering. Cupertino company will look for the best!

C.D. Moore blasted his former boss – credit(s): Twitter

CJ Moore sparked controversy during his time at Tesla with a direct attack Elon Musk. The engineer described the manager’s claims as exaggerated about integrated autonomous driving. Last January, the man said that ” Very confident that the car will be able to drive itself more reliably than a man in 2021 The software in question, which is still in beta, does not make it possible to apply this technology. The driver must always monitor the control as errors can occur despite the claims of the billionaire.

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