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Apple introduces a new update to AirTags to prevent snooping and harassment

Apple introduces a new update to AirTags to prevent snooping and harassment

Apple’s AirTags have been released for a few weeks now, and they’re still the subject of controversy. Apple has already been accused of facilitating spying and harassment due to this new tool that allows you to track an object and therefore a person. A new update addresses this issue.

Apple’s new tool, AirTag, is practical, that’s right. It allows you to keep track of something like our car keys so you don’t lose them. But there is the other side: As the Washington Post explains,It is very easy to spy on and track someone by for example putting an AirTag in their bag.

To address this issue, Apple has integrated a feature to ensure user safety. In fact, if the AirTag is separated from its owner for 3 days, it will start ringing. In other words, if someone puts an AirTag in your bag, you’ll find out. But not well too late. So Apple had to rectify the situation.

More security

3 days is a long time. Very long. So Apple released a new update As noted by CNet. Significantly, this update consists of reducing the delay before the AirTag starts ringing. From now on, it will ring if it is separated from its owner for at least 8 hours. Apple states that AirTag will beep randomly from 8 hours to 24 hours after disconnecting. With this said, people will know much sooner that there is a suspicious object in or near their bag.

Android app

but that is not all. Apple also had to respond to Android users. This is because iPhone owners automatically receive a notification on their smartphone when there is an unknown AirTag nearby. This is not the case for Android users. Suddenly, the Cupertino company is working on an Android app. Thanks to it, users will be warned if an unknown AirTag is detected in the region. This app will be released later this year.

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