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Apple has launched its second music streaming app for classical music

Apple has announced a second music streaming app, Apple Music Classical, that makes it easier to search for different versions of a classic music work.

Apple Music Classic // Source: Apple

While Spotify unveiled new features on Wednesday, March 8, particularly to highlight video and podcast content, Apple Music was quick to respond in its own way.

On Thursday, the Cupertino company announced a new streaming app that specializes in classical music. Very cleverly christened, Apple Music Classical is intended above all for music lovers and will allow you to navigate through a library with “Excellent classical music experienceAccording to the American company. What else to encounter The hunting ground of Qebuz, historically associated with classical music.

Thus, the idea is to allow users to easily find not only the title or composer, but also the various interpretations with several recordings given for each piece. Apple in particular undertakes to make it possible to search for works by author, but also by conductor or catalog number. 5 million titles will be available when the app launches on March 28, including several thousand exclusive albums.

HD quality files and spatial sound

Of course, Apple Music Classical will also let you take advantage of the advanced functions of Apple Music in terms of sound quality. Like its big sister, the app dedicated to classical music will render high-resolution files at up to 192 kHz in 24-bit. It will also be possible to enjoy recordings made in spatial audio with tracking of head movements.

Classic Apple Music
Apple Music Classic // Source: Apple

The new Apple Music Classical app will be available for download starting March 28th. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is sign up for a traditional Apple Music account. Note, however, that the Apple Music Voice offer will not allow you to take advantage of the Apple Music Classical app. Finally, the application will not only be launched on iPhone, but also on Android, in a second step.

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