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Apple could show a dedicated mental health app at WWDC

With less than 48 hours since WWDC began, a new App Store leak indicates that Apple plans to announce an all-new “Mind” app on the Apple Watch to mark the release of the update, the operating system, watchOS 8.

As developer Khaos Tian reported on Twitter, the App Store source code has been updated and now includes references to several new apps.

Apple Watch – Credit: Apple

Apple will host WWDC 2021 on Monday, and is expected to announce a variety of new features that it will bring to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS 12 this fall. We know that too The new MacBook Pro with M2 processor may be presented on this occasion.

We know more about watchOS 8 since then Tips, Contacts and Brain apps have been added to the App Store. Tips guide you to make better use of your device. For example, it can help you take a screenshot, customize your home screen, or interact with Siri. The contact will let you search for the person’s name and make a phone call.

Apple aware of the deterioration of the mental health of its users?

While the first two are already known to users, Mind seems to be a new app تطبيق Which can be dedicated to mental health or mental well-being.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman said the upcoming watchOS update will include new and improved health tracking features. Apple already offers Health and Breathe تطبيق. The latter guides you through a series of deep breaths and reminds you each day to take the time to breathe.

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So Mind App can be a complementary app dedicated to mental health. With the COVID-19 pandemic and various lockdowns, mental health issues are becoming more frequent than before. The Mind app then fulfills a real need of the user.

The watchOS 8 update should be available on all Apple Watch Series 3 watches. However, This can be removed from the list Because Issues that prevent it from updating as easily as the others. Later in the year, the update should arrive pre-installed in The new Apple Watch Series 7, whose design we already know.

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