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Apple considers some games to be "too old" and removes them from the App Store

Apple considers some games to be “too old” and removes them from the App Store

We see it on our scale, and annual iOS updates and regular hardware developments oblige us to devote a significant portion of our resources to simply adapting our apps to these innovations, rather than developing new functionality.

Among small publishers, particularly in the field of games, Maintenance is expensive, especially on titles frozen in time. Sometimes software won’t update for several years, and you struggle to get along with the latest Iphone Its screen sizes are now expanding with almost every iteration. Others use APIs (programming libraries) that Cupertino considers outdated, and which may discontinue support at any time.

Apple is well aware that its customers may be disappointed after a purchase, it has started a rather strict policy, removing very old applications. Developers then receive an ultimatum saying their software will be discontinued within 30 days.unless a new iteration is validated by Cupertino’s little elves.

Many publishers, including Protopop Games, have complained In the American media In recent days, believing that the cost of adapting their games to Apple’s new APIs, he also complained Emilia Lazer WalkerDeveloper:

Games can exist as completed objects. These free projects don’t require updates or an online template, they are artwork frozen in time.

Apple considers some games

You can still play games on your old iPhones…provided you have kept them on the device!

For its part, Apple clarifies Perform an ongoing app review process, to remove apps that no longer work as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated But as always, these items are vague enough to spark controversy at the time of the deletion.

Unlike software developed for the Mac (which can be hosted anywhere), the iOS App Store remains under Apple’s direct control, and downloading software developed for the first versions of iOS is almost impossible today! Sometimes, if you have old phones/tablets, it is very difficult to find compatible apps… With all the means applied in the App Store, it is a shame that Apple does not allow you to keep “old” sections of even if it means informing Client download time.

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