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Apple confirms that it will (reluctantly) add USB-C to iPhone

Apple confirms that it will (reluctantly) add USB-C to iPhone

Lots of people were waitingapple He finally gave up his own Lightning port and replaced it with a USB-C, like all other smartphones or even other Apple devices. The company will eventually add USB-C to a fileIphone Soon – because the European Union has imposed its hand.

Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal asked Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, if the iPhone would have a USB-C port in the future. The answer was clear: it would, but only because Apple had no other choice. “We have to comply; we have no choice,” Mr Joswiak said, adding that “it would have been better if the government had not been so directive”.

European legislation currently requires all smartphones and tablets to use USB-C by fall 2024. Currently, rumors say the iPhone 15 line will come with a USB-C port, but these are very early rumors, and technically, by complying with the law, the company can Apple is moving away from at least one generation of lightning-enabled iPhones (in 2023) before making that step.

There are many ways Apple can get its way. First, the company could Choose to run an iPhone with a USB-C port only in Europe, leaving the US and other markets with a Lightning port. It also wouldn’t be the first time iPhones have differed in terms of hardware depending on region – US iPhone 14 models lack a SIM card slot and are eSIM only, while iPhone 14 phones sold elsewhere have one. However, with iPads transitioning to USB-C, we could see Apple release USB-C iPhone models in the US as well.

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USB-C could also be a temporary solution before Apple’s next big project: the portless iPhone. Apple is said to have been working on this internally for a long time, and it would technically allow it under EU law, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple moved in that direction sooner. However, one thing is for sure: You will soon be able to charge your iPhone using a USB-C cable.

Source: The Verge