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Apple co-founder launches Space

A few months ago, Steve Wozniak announced his entry into the space sector by creating a new company called Privateer Space.

Over the past few months, co-founder Steve Wozniak has put his head in the stars. In fact, with his company Privateer Space, he decided to take on one of the main challenges of our time, which is space debris. In an interview with the media Take CrunchAlex Fielding really revealed that Privet wants to create… google maps satellite “.

Thus the company aims to document all space debris in Earth’s orbit, i.e. its size, location, shape, material, etc.

Increasingly discussed pest

The scourge of space debris is an increasingly debated topic; The number of active or inactive satellites in orbit is steadily increasing. From 3,300 to more than 7,600 over the past decade, and that number could reach 100,000 before 2030. So the risk of collision is greater, which raises fears of a domino effect predicted by a NASA scientist in 1978, which would consist of seeing debris increase exponentially. Collisions also occur.

Space environment app

On the 1st of March, the young company presented its first web application called “Wayfinder”. reachable soldier, it makes it possible to visualize and follow satellites that are currently in orbit around the Earth, as well as space debris. The goal will be first and foremost to help.”Humanity treats the space environment as if our lives depended on it.” From the site, we can access a view of Earth from space with a constellation of small colored dots, each pointing to a satellite or debris.

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In the near future, Privateer plans to provide developers with an API to integrate its functionality into space applications and thus ensure the security and sustainability of future projects.