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Apocalypse Now Final Cut: Martin Sheen's Heart Attack Told by Francis F. Coppola

Apocalypse Now Final Cut: Martin Sheen’s Heart Attack Told by Francis F. Coppola

Artie is broadcasting tonight the final version of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, Apocalypse Now Final. A chance to return to the conversation we had with the director about the heart attack of his lead actor, Martin Sheen.

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Apocalypse Now, or the work of a 40-year-old man that hasn’t been turned down almost anything since his massive success with The Godfather and its sequel. “After the apocalypse now, I realize I’ll never be a young director again” Francis Ford Coppola announced, while presenting his film at the Cannes Film Festival, that he will leave with the Palme d’Or tied with Le Tambour.

No other movie from the ’70s got so much attention even before it was released. It is also impossible to separate the indisputable success from the hallucinatory circumstances that surrounded its creation.

Arte channel has the bright idea to broadcast on Sunday evening Apocalypse is now the final cut, Which is nothing more than the third version of the movie! The previous version called “Redux” which was released in 2001 was 195 minutes while the new version was 183 minutes. A much shorter version of it; Coppola cuts out the Playboy rabbit scene and the one in which Colonel Kurtz reads articles from time To Captain Willard.

Speaking about the composition of Martin Sheen, we had the pleasure of meeting the master several years ago, and he swept his rich career. We mentioned, among other things, the actor’s heart attack on the set and the panic that engulfed the team, with potentially serious consequences. Because Coppola mortgaged his house so he could finance the movie…

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