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Apex Legends: Respawn deplores the consequences of its teams' recent hack

Apex Legends: Respawn deplores the consequences of its teams’ recent hack

Some Titanfall and Titanfall 2 players recently had the worst idea to protest the lack of game updates: Attaquer Apex Legends. Respawn explains, a hack that did absolutely nothing. Players especially put studio teams in the delicate situation of having to do unnecessary extra time. Ryan K. Rigney, Head of Communications at Respawn, revealed that “ His nephew in his arms when I heard the attack, I had to put him down and go to work I miss a day with my loved ones “.The man also explains that a DDoS attack is hard to solve,” It’s really hard, really hard “And that these episodes will not happen in the future, Respawn seeks to strengthen its security.

The attack spoiled the day for studio staff – Credit(s): Respawn

Ryan K. Rigney says this DDoS attack is allowed Return To be aware of the problem spoil our vacationعطل “.Respawn’s director of communications believes that hackers” Didn’t get anything right Disgusted and frustrated man: quite understandable situation! After all, Forcing the studio to update Titanfall games by attacking Apex Legends is not a great idea. In response to his call, Ryan K. Rigney received great support from the players. Many share this misunderstanding about the Battle Royale attack Including the crossover with Titanfall will be in the program.

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