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Ape-Man Fantasies are no longer science fiction ...

Ape-Man Fantasies are no longer science fiction …

When we talk about chimeras, we immediately think of wonderful creatures. Fictional monsters mixing the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon or a snake. However, they are found in science: they are living organisms made of cells of various types. For the first time, researchers have inserted human cells into monkey embryos: the first barbarism between a human and a monkey. Science fiction fans should pay attention: the world of blue mensymbol picture It may not be too far away.

If scientists do not yet know how to develop these hybrids for more than a few days, the technology could improve, giving free rein to imagination. What’s the point, if not to push the boundaries of science fiction? Increase knowledge of early pregnancy mechanisms, and improve assisted reproductive techniques [procréation médicalement assistée]. But ethical debates abound.


For fifty years, scientists have been creating illusions. Hence, to study the behavior of human crabs, they are sometimes injected into animals. Also, embryos that blend two animals have already been developed. But a just symbolic step has been taken: no human embryos have been produced from monkeys.

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