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Any future for cancer treatment?

Any future for cancer treatment?

When we know that 2 out of 3 types of cancers occur in people over the age of 75And The case is real.

Olivier Guerin, Head of the Gerontology Center at Nice University Hospital © Serge-Henri

On the sidelines of the 9th Congress of Oncology in Monaco – a conference of oncologists and geriatricians with the aim of discussing medical and clinical care for elderly patients with cancer – the head of the Center for Geriatrics at CHU de Nice is sounding the alarm: Our health system is deteriorating and this is only the beginning. »

Cancer is an age-related disease.

For Olivier Guerin, the increase in needs, linked to the decrease in the number of caregivers, is a real problem that can be solved through two factors: prevention and digital technology. It is no longer correct to say “The day I get sick, I’ll take good care of it.”Especially in the Alps-Maritimes the population is particularly aging: 340,000 people aged 60 and over, the specialist believes.

Doctors agree that age is the main risk factor for almost all types of cancer. So the number of crabs will increase significantly, and Almost three-quarters of people over the age of 75 will be diagnosed within a few years. However, as is always the case with age-related issues, we get the impression that authorities in a broad sense find it difficult to take this phenomenon into account. »

Vitamin D: a magic cure?

So you must avoid getting sick at all costs. For this, vitamin D is our ally. People with higher levels of vitamin D have a lower risk of developing cancer.Olivier Garian confirms. Avocados, oily fish, dairy products … If vitamin D is found in our diet, it is also present and above all in sunlight (10% vs. 90%).

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unless, With stability, humans are severely deficient in sunlight, and therefore in vitamin D. A day on the boat is not enough., He says. Advice from the specialist: go to your doctor or pharmacist to order supplements, in the form of ampoules, for example. The trick is valid at any age, but especially so when one gets older. “Older adults are less able to manufacture this hormone and are therefore deficient when they have it No need anymore. »

Not to mention vaccination. “The most powerful preventive strategy”, but also spirituality, sexuality, sleep, or even social connections. Because for Olivier Guerin, “If we want to be good at prevention, we have to be comprehensive, taking into account all the factors that lead to important outcomes like those we know well, such as physical activity or diet.”

Ways more efficient than ever before

On the issue of a shortage of caregivers, “We have to find other ways to respond, like digital.”occupational health projects. It is still necessary for our seniors to tame digital technology … but there is no doubt about Olivier Guerrin.

“Those who will be 80 in ten years will know how to use a smartphone perfectly, they are already using it. I think we no longer have that generational effect of numerical discrimination. And then, at the same time, technology means that humans rarely interfere with digital services, with the latter becoming independent. »A vision not so pessimistic, which we hope will allow us all to live to a ripe old age and well!

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