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Anthony Fossie urges Americans to get vaccinated because Omigron is 'going wild'

Anthony Fossie urges Americans to get vaccinated because Omigron is ‘going wild’

Doctor Anthony Fassi toured American television this Sunday to sound the alarm. White House adviser warns of health crisis Variation Omicron From
Govit-19 The world is “excited” about the number of Americans who have not yet been vaccinated.

“It’s not Virus Extraordinary, ”the scientist acknowledged on CNN, triggering its spread. “He’s going to get the upper hand”, and “the closer winter gets, the harder it will be for weeks or months”.

Omigron “spreads very fast”

“It’s spreading very quickly, really around the world and undoubtedly in our country,” he added on the ABC channel, recalling that nearly 50 million eligible Americans had not been vaccinated. “When you have this level of vulnerability, when a virus like Omigran spreads so quickly, we’m going to see significant pressure on the hospital system and staff in some parts of the country. Hospital, because of all this, health is declining,” he explained, urging Americans Vaccinate And get their booster dose.

The virus is “rampant around the world, in fact,” he stressed on NBC. The Omicron variant is actually spreading at full speed, causing restrictions in many countries Netherlands.

The epidemic has killed more than 5 million people worldwide since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease in late December 2019. The United States is the saddest country with more than 800,000 deaths.

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