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Another service for the Casa Corfu buffet

Another service for the Casa Corfu buffet

Casa Corfu is a true establishment in Montreal’s Rosemont area, and is definitely closing its doors, adding to the long list of buffets you can have had in recent months.

“The pandemic requires a much greater adaptation to the buffets you can eat than restaurants that offer table service,” said a spokesman for the Quebec Restaurant Association, Martin Vizina, after learning of the legendary establishment on the street being closed. Mason.

Even after more than 20 years in existence, Casa Corfu has remained very popular, not so much for its culinary qualities as for its affordable prices.

A successful business model, but not aligned with healthy rules, which risks preventing clients from standing up when they want to fill out their boards for a long time to come.

join Newspaper, The Chronopoulos did not want to explain the reasons for closing their restaurant.

But Thomas Tam, senior manager of All-You-Can-Eat buffets in Quebec, can understand this heartbreaking decision very well.

hard times

” The Get out It does not even represent 20% of our turnover. And when we were able to reopen this summer, we were only able to fill half of our energy, while it’s a business that requires a lot of traffic to be profitable, “explained the seasoned restaurant owner, who remains pessimistic.

And he predicted that even when dining rooms reopen, all-you-can-eat buffets aren’t going to get faster anytime soon.

The need of tourists

“We are very dependent on groups and tour buses … they won’t resume tomorrow morning,” explains Thomas Tam, who was forced to resign this summer to close one of the two restaurants bearing his name in Quebec.

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Its competitor, Jardin de Tang, has also stopped the business completely. The same for Vichy buffets in Greater Montreal.

As for Casa Corfu, it is not currently known what will happen to this gigantic commercial building, owned by wealthy real estate mogul Stephen Schiller.