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Another great video game player settles down in Montreal

Another great video game player settles down in Montreal

Montreal will soon welcome a studio from video game giant TiMi Studio Group, the Tencent Games company behind “Call of Duty: Mobile” and “Honor of Kings.”

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In doing so, it joins its competitors Ubisoft and Electronics Arts, which are already established in Quebec City.

Vincent Gao, TiMi Studio Group’s global head of development, said the company is seeking “to produce work on a low budget.”
“Montreal has a diverse and forward-thinking workforce capable of creating AAA experiences at scale,” he added.

TiMi owns several studios in North America, particularly in Los Angeles and Seattle. Studio Montreal will be one of the main studios responsible for creating and designing video games, as well as intellectual property.

The new studio will enjoy complete creative freedom and plans to increase the size of its team by the end of the year.

“Our priority is to develop high-quality platforms for consoles and PCs,” said Mr. Zhao.

The TiMi Montréal subsidiary intends to collaborate with local universities and organizations, such as Montréal International, to ensure the growth of the local talent pool.

“TiMi’s decision to settle in Montreal reinforces the city’s position as a leading global center for video game design. It has the potential to attract the best talent to grow our video game ecosystem, which goes hand in hand with our efforts,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montreal International. promotional activities, whether with international workers or with investors.

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