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Another domino about to fall?

Another domino about to fall?

A few days before the National Hockey League (NHL) amateur draft, we should expect to see the General Managers invigorate and move their pawns.

The team wanted to know how long the latter had left until the end after winning the Stanley Cup before embarking on their first big deal. This year, it was the Kings who started rolling the ball by getting their hands on Kevin Villa on Wednesday.

And for practice purposes, it was enough to find the date of winning the cup, and then evaluate the first big deal of that year.

However, an important factor to consider was the date the replay takes place, with many teams preferring to trade on the amateur auction floor.

This year, Avalanche earned top honors on June 26, and since the amateur draft takes place on July 7, that leaves a 12-day void to fill in coach appointments, contract extensions, but above all transactions.

On average in the past five years, a draft takes place 12 days after a Stanley Cup win. Then, according to the periods listed below, a major exchange occurs 6 days after the consecration. So stay tuned this Saturday, July 2, because if the trend continues, some dominoes should fall at this time.

What has caught the eye in recent years?

Last year, Lightning won five matches against the Canadians on July 7, 2021. After that, Oilers’ Ken Holland wasted no time and tried to solve the defensive deficiencies of his club that swept in the first round by taking over Duncan Keith. It happened on July 12, five days after the conquest.

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However, we should put an asterisk on last year, because July 21st Kraken Seattle expansion was scheduled to take place. Along the same lines, the teams had to submit their protection list before July 17. Thus, in order to comply with this said list, July 12-17 is full of transactions, particularly those of Ryan Graves from avalanche to New Jersey Devils, or Ryan Ellis going from Predators to Flyers. The amateur project took place on July 23, 2021.

In 2020, Team Lightning has won the Edmonton Bubble in six matches against the stars as of September 28. Hoping to make up for lost time, the NHL will actually host the draft over 8 days later, on October 6. This time, no noticeable transaction occurs between the two dates. In fact, it was Mark Bergiveen who knocked down the first dominoes on auction day by choosing Josh Anderson of the Blue Jackets for favors from Max Dome and a third-round pick.

On June 12, 2019, the Blues defeated the Bruins at home at TD Garden. It will only be two days before Matt Niskanen takes the road to Philadelphia, while Radko Judas goes in the opposite direction to Washington. However, the June 17th really hit a big hit. Jeff Gorton gets his hands on right-back Jacob Troba, who left Neil Beunk and his first-round pick for him. And so, on June 21, the planes set their sights on Phil Heinola at the twentieth level.

2018 will be the year Alex Ovechkin, on June 7, finally won his first (and only so far) Stanley Cup. However, in Montreal, it was the trade of former third general pick Alex Galchenyuk to the Arizona Coyotes for the fiery Max Domi that fans remember. Some will remember that all of this happened on the evening of Friday, June 15, exactly one week before the amateur auction that year.

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On June 11, 2017, the Pittsburgh Penguins defended their championship title by defeating the Nashville Predators in six. Their parade will take place on the 14th, and while everyone else is gearing up for the Golden Knights expansion project, Mark Bergevin (he is again) has a little surprise in store for the world of hockey. In fact, on June 15, 2017, the Habs acquired Jonathan Drouin in exchange for Mikhail Sergachev, a deal that continues to affect the minds of Montreal fans five years later. The deadline to file his protection list was June 17 in preparation for the June 21 expansion draft, when all deals made with Vegas will be announced. The amateur project will be in two days.

The only downside to this analysis is that Mark Bergevin was involved in 60% of these transactions. And being the last in Los Angeles, it’s clear that the Kings made their first big move this year…

summary table

chopped off : July 7 proces : July 12, Draft : 23 July *

chopped off : 28 September proces : 6 October Draft : 6 October

chopped off : June 12, proces : June 17 Draft : June 21

chopped off : June 7 proces : June 15, Draft : June 22

chopped off : June 11, proces : June 15, Draft : June 23 *