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Another casualty of the renovations: a beloved department store closing after 28 years in Montreal

Another casualty of the renovations: a beloved department store closing after 28 years in Montreal

Mile End Furniture & Used Store lovable Montreal and its neighborhood east forced to close due to renovations.

“It’s a really shame because this place used to be a community. People have been meeting here for years,” laments Ty Godish, the tenant in the building next door to the Vintage Parc store, who was also targeted by the eviction notice.

Like many locals, the 22-year-old went to the store with the intention of furnishing her new apartment. I quickly realized how much work was a part of the neighborhood.

There are people who come here with their children, and then their grandchildren. It is a title passed down from generation to generation. “It’s a place where people talk to each other,” she adds.

“We’ve already been asked a lot of questions from clients, and we knew the owner wanted to take charge of the building [ainsi que le bloc voisin] to do some work there, but we didn’t know when. “It’s now final and there are a lot of people who are grieving,” says Joshua Lytton, a 22-year-old student who has been working at the store since September.

shock wave

After 28 years in business, the company that supplies used chairs, tables, vinyl, and various electronics to the people of Montreal will have to close its doors.

The man his clients affectionately call Marco finally gets a notice to vacate, after two years of not knowing what will happen to his workplace.

Despite her desire to stay close to the community, finding a new location for Vintage Parc in Montreal was not an option.

“I would have to move to a neighborhood I don’t know and I’m too old for that,” owner Marco says with a laugh.

On social networks, many customers have highlighted how many good memories they have associated with this store on Parc Avenue.

“I bought three pieces of furniture from this place when I moved to Montreal in 2016 and I still have them.” […]I intended to go back there to furnish my new abode. It saddens me to know that they are going to close,” for example, Jenalyn Alumnos Cacao, a trade customer, confirms.

From September, Vintage Parc will no longer have a storefront on Parc Avenue, but will continue its operations in the commune of Entrelacs, in Lanaudière. It will still be possible to obtain products online. Weekly delivery and repair services will be offered to Montreal residents.