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Anne Sylvester, Anna and Clara, Denise Vernay … Leon feminized the public space with little touches

The deliberations were approved unanimously. This Thursday, May 27th, Lyon City Council approved two names that honor the woman. The first concerns the Syndical Buildings and the adjacent public park, located on rue du Presbyterie, in the Grande Trux region (8).e District) henceforth called “Clara-Anna”. Referee praises b Clara Mokot and her daughter Anna, Died in an arson attack on a bakery on February 9, 2019. This drama highlights the feeling of abandonment felt by some residents of the Grand Trouw area. [(re)lire sur Mediacités : Route de Vienne, l’appel au secours d’un quartier délaissé]. “Naming a public place Clara-Anna is also a guarantee against forgetting,” confirmed Municipal Councilor Charles-Frank Levy, elected from 8e Circle.

Also in the Route de Vienne district, the newly built school, Place Julien-Duret, takes the name of singer Anne Sylvestre, who was born in Lyon and who passed away on November 30th. Honored by the author SuperstitionsThe elected officials wanted to salute the feminist values ​​of this artist, who had contributed to “promoting equality between men and women and strengthening intergenerational bonds.”

Delays accumulated for centuries

Two days before the city council convened, Tuesday 25 May, it was on the 3rde The neighborhood that was the feminization of the public space in the limelight. Lyon Mayor Gregory Doucet presided over a ceremony in honor of the resistance, Denis Vernay, older sister of Simon Vail, who now calls her name on the square next to Bhadurian Square. In March, the city also decided to baptize the Giselle Halimi community center and the Marie Therese Moura Park.

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However, this is not enough to offset the decades-centuries accumulation! – In terms of parity in public place names. According to a census by Mediacités last April, in Lyon, there are 119 roads, squares, streets, and cul-de-sacs in 1928 bearing the name of a woman. It’s less than one street in fifteen streets.

Male street names are in green, and female street names are in red. Mediasities cards.

And if elected officials show goodwill to try to restore a little balance, they will face a great difficulty: Road construction is rare. Hence the interest in honoring women by naming public facilities (schools, gyms, libraries, etc.). For Charles Frank Levy, the next step will be to ensure a mix of “social and ethnic” sects.