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Anne-Elizabeth Bosse and Sebastien Delorme finally interact with their Bye Bye imitations

It followed reactions from some members of our quebec art world imitated in the latest edition of Bye bye That Sebastien Delorme and Anne-Élisabeth Bosse also gave their opinion.

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It was already when he was passing by Hello good MorningMonday morning that Sebastien Delorme Drawing processing Bye bye Which is served well cooked It is indefensible. In the scene in question, we can see the comedian Pierre Yves Roy Desmares Restoring the character of Leo MacDonald.

“It’s fun… I fired Delorme from the start, and I know I have big ears, but it’s fun.”

With his legendary sense of humor he added:

“The only person I blame is the prosthetist! Look, it’s okay, it’s normal!”

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from his side, Anne Elizabeth Boss He also reacted to his impersonation, which had been brilliantly executed before Sarah Jane Labroussewhile she was on a microphone Veronique is brilliantto red.

“I find Sarah Jane so good, she’s really great at it Bye bye. When it comes to yourself, it is impossible to say: “Looks like she got it!”. You can’t say it because you can’t see yourself going. People say to me: “It’s good, isn’t it?!” I’m like, ‘I think she’s great, but I can’t say she’s got my same little face…’

She explained that Sarah Jane did not tell her that she would imitate her this year at the Bye bye, but she recently texted him asking if “everything’s alright!”. an actressIt is indefensible She replied that she hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet, but that she had no doubts about her colleague’s performance.

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“To be honest, I’m not the best audience to say she had me. But, it’s a devotion to be in Bye byeshe added.

You can check out the latest version of Bye bye By following this link.

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