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Anne Sibran entourée de Lucile Poulain et de Thierry Bellefroid

Anne Cibran: Beauty is the space of human freedom

It seems thatlove to travel Being a part of DNA Anne Sibran. She was born in the early sixties in Severan, France. His parents had to leaveAlgeria A year after independence, little Anne was immersed in a country she did not know through her parents’ words, and every night her father told her anxiously about her last flight from Algiers. Perhaps Anne Cibran derives her taste for travel from these stories. They will anyway be the flesh of his first novel blue fig tree in Grass

I’m on edge because I was not able to be born in my father’s dream country, in his lost paradise. I always have the impression that I had to grow on the edges, in the middle.

Concerned about the world around her, Anne Cibran began studying philosophy and ethnology in Paris. Very quickly, I started writing and exploring through novels, comics and books for young people, Rwanda, Algeria, Paraguay.

The writer has other’s curiosity Connected to the body through which you satisfy it trips and the he met What are you doing there. Then I decided to learn Quechua In theINALCO In Paris As a way of making oneself invisible in order to get as close as possible to society, the family.

In 2007, she left to live for a few years with her family in HEcuador. There, she collaborates on the work of researchers from the University of the Andes in Quito and the University of San Francisco in Cumbaya, on the topic of First Peoples and the protection of the Yasuni Primary Forest, where the last hunters live.

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