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Animal Rain Phenomenon: An Australian town saw fish fall from the sky

A town in Australia has been talking for days. Many people witnessed fish rain, a rare phenomenon caused by certain weather conditions.

Is it raining hamburgers? Is it raining as the British say? No. In fact, the town of Lajamanu in Australia’s arid north was shocked when it rained fish.

This local community, located near the Tanami Desert, has not seen this famous event for more than a decade, when a typhoon sweeps away the fish in the rivers.

Lajamanu councilor Andrew Johnson told Japananga local news: “We saw a big storm heading our way. [nous] We thought it was just rain. But when it started raining we also saw fish falling.

According to its residents, many of the fish were “still alive” when they landed miles from the town. They had to be moved into puddles to help them survive.

Some children have even taken them as pets… parents fear. Although amusing, this event is no joke.

Known, but rare

This phenomenon called “animal rain” is very real. According to experts, water bodies are caused by carrying aquatic animals with them.

A girl from Lajamanu, Australia holds a fish that fell from the sky.

Image taken from Facebook / Screenshot

A girl from Lajamanu, Australia holds a fish that fell from the sky.

Japananga, the representative of the city, called this strange phenomenon “God’s blessing”.

Geoff Johnson, a fish specialist at the Queensland Museum, said the fish from the reservoirs were called so. Polished Poles Or Shiny gruntsAnd they are said to be one of the most common freshwater fish in Australia.

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This is not the first time: a similar incident happened in Lajamanu in 2010, it was already recorded in 2004 and 50 years ago, in 1974. Some people remember c like it was yesterday.

How is that possible?

Fish don’t actually fall from the sky, meaning they don’t come from clouds and condensation of water vapor. These were the fishes of the waterways of the earth.

The best explanation for this phenomenon, experts say, is that strong wind disturbances, such as hurricanes, lift water and fish into the air.

When hurricanes cross water bodies, they become watersheds. These absorb the water in which there are fish or other organisms swimming.

The whirlwind then takes the animals with it, and then, as it weakens, it loses its power to hold the bodies together, and the fish begin to rain down on the ground.

When else does it rain?

Fish rains have already occurred many times in different parts of the world.

In Yoro, Honduras, every year in late spring and early summer, after heavy rains, no one dares to go outside.

In 2008, residents of the village of Kandanassery near Kerala, India, were shocked when a sudden rain shower ended with small fish.

In 2021, Texarkana, Texas was also surprised when it started raining fish.

Do other animals make it rain?

According to ABC News, many animals can rain down from the sky. Few, like frogs, birds, or other aquatic creatures get caught in storms.

In 2015, millions of spiders fell from the sky in Australia’s Southern Tablelands region, blanketing the regional countryside in their webs. Locals said that the sun was almost hidden by tiny spiders falling from the sky.

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Although surprising and confusing, this revelation will not be its only recurrence.