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Animal abuse: I brutally froze my cats

Police have arrested a French cat breeder from Bengal for animal abuse in Gers, Occitanie, where they confiscated about fifty cats from her home, some of which were frozen and stuffed.

The cats lived in fear in miserable sanitary conditions in a completely run-down breeding apartment, according to the report from police officers who visited the building, after a report from the veterinary services.

After the shocking discovery, the veterinary services were notified and the emaciated cats, subject of a court order, were entrusted to the 30 million d’amis de Seine-et-Marne shelter on Friday, it is reported. send.

We found dead cats in the freezer […] Some of them were stuffed, Anne Poggioni, the organisation’s president, revealed, adding that the beds had become cat litter.

Neighbors whom the 50-year-old breeder sometimes asked to look after while she was away were shocked by what they discovered, according to testimony from the Chapatton Animal Protection Society.

The 50-year-old, who has not responded to multiple official notifications from the veterinary services, has been placed in police custody, pending processing of her case by the prosecution, according to the Toulouse newspaper.

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