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Angry Melissa Bedard reveals her weight to silence foul language

Angry Melissa Bedard reveals her weight to silence foul language

Last week, Melissa Bedard took to social media to refer back to some of the comments she’s received about her weight.

Indeed, many people blamed him for losing weight and not talking about it publicly.

Then she indicated that she did not lose weight, it was the outfit she was wearing (picture here) which made him appear thinner.

His fans clearly haven’t given up on the piece since he once again sent comments about it recently.

The singer is clearly being teased by these gossip. ” Oh come. Everything I do is none of your business first and second I haven’t lost any weight so off the hook. Do you want a picture of me naked? »

She adds in the story: # I’m going to be mean.

She even added this in the caption: Melissa Bedard

31 years


279 lbs, jacket

2x, 20 . pants

I wear a wig by choice and I love it

Take a shower every day with fresh pigeon cucumber 🥒

Can I have Wikipedia please 🙏 “

Many of his friends from the art colony responded to his publication. Guillaume Pinault writes: Tabarnak …. I’m tired! ok answer Kim Clavell says: Any change in your life is up to us!!😮😮😮 Let’s see BEINNN!! 🤣 unbelievable!!! » Pierre Hébert applauds him.

Comment written after posting One of these two (adorable) pictures..

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