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Anger and disgust at the gesture of Mark Shevel

Anger and disgust at the gesture of Mark Shevel

Mark Scheifele’s unwarranted and sinister scrutiny of CH forward Jake Evans sparked outrage throughout the hockey world on Wednesday night.

And to Dave Morissette Live, we haven’t hesitated to condemn the nod to the Gates player, who we’re all hoping to see is a longtime commentator.

Renault Lavoie, at the beginning of the program, was especially disgusted.

“Here, tonight, there are 500 people working in hospitals, and they are the first responders,” he recalls. Not only were they not spoiled by the Jets, but one of the best players on the team goes with a free gesture like this. In front of 500 health workers? Is this how you say thank you? “

It can be seen in the main video.

On the other hand, Maxim Lapierre was absolutely convinced that Schevel intended to harm Evans, and nothing else.

“The fact that he turned his right shoulder, when you’re a right arm, you always hit his left shoulder,” he explained. By doing that, he has a lot of strength, and it was definitely painful.”

“It seems I’m afraid that the National League will disappoint us again,” added Guillaume Latendris when the Jets player could be suspended.

Michel Bergeron will surely not be outdone. Believing that this type of gesture happens a lot late in the game, Berge believes the NHL should change its rules so that a 20-game suspension, at least, is automatic in these circumstances.

And for that, I cite as an example the commentary of more than 20 games that were imposed in the ’90s… on Dale Hunter!

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