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Android TV update brings user interface

Android TV update brings user interface

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(Pocket-lint) – Earlier this year, Google released an update to the Android TV user interface that more closely matches the design found on Google TV devices.

Updates are now rolling out to more devices around the world, giving Android TV users a home screen focused on content discovery.

Although the design is similar to Google TV, it is not as complete and has fewer tabs available.

The major update was originally announced in February, with further improvements coming in July of this year. It was initially only available in North America, but more and more regions are seeing an improved user interface coming to their devices.

members Android TV community on Reddit They shared their experience and the new UI has been reported to be launched on OnePlus TVs and Xiaomi Mi Box units and some TCL TVs in India, Brazil and Europe.

So far, there has been no official announcement from Google regarding the rollout.

The big change with this new home screen is the switch to content discovery. Google will suggest new and cool content from your installed apps based on your viewing preferences, and everything will be presented right on the home screen.

The update also adds a bunch of favorite apps, which give you quick access to your most used services.

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While Google TV appears to be the destination for new devices, fortunately, Google hasn’t forgotten about Android TV users. The new update brings a huge improvement to the Android TV experience and we hope there will be more updates to come.

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