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Android apps work with the operating system, Huawei explains why

HarmonyOS, the operating system developed by Huawei, is compatible with Android apps. However, the Chinese group asserts that its mobile operating system is not a shameful copy of Google’s. To clarify the situation, a Huawei executive sent a lengthy clarifying statement to Chinese developers.

Credit: Huawei

a few days ago, Huawei has lifted the veil on the final and stable version of HarmonyOS. This end product is very similar to Android, for easter eggs. From an interface and code point of view, HarmonyOS stands out as un simple fork d’Android, or a new program that depends on the source code of the current program. In this case: AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

Moreover, HarmonOS is able to operate without any difficulty An app initially developed for AndroidConfirming the accusations of critics of Huawei. To defend itself from just applying AOSP, the Chinese group stepped onto the plate.

Huawei wants a smooth transition from Android to HarmonyOS

Eric Xu, the current president of Huawei, addressed the Chinese developer community in a statement. In order to protect the digital assets of Huawei mobile and tablet users, HarmonyOS 2 allows existing Android applications to run on certain devices equipped with the system. Eric Shaw says. concretely, Huawei wants to make it easier to move from Android to HarmonyOS.

Initially, the manufacturer has no other choice but to allow Android apps to run on their modular operating system. If Huawei comes up with an entirely new operating system without building on the foundations of Android, Showing compatible apps on their devices via AppGallery was really bad. In this case, Huawei will have to expand its ecosystem for several more years before it hopes to seduce users. Ultimately, the Chinese manufacturer’s current approach is speeding up the transition.

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Note that Huawei is not in a position to take its time. The US sanctions imposed in 2019 caused the loss of its Android license Phone sales collapse. Huawei was also knocked out in the top 5 of the most important manufacturers in the world. Under these circumstances, giant Schenzen has done everything so that HarmonyOS can take over Android as soon as possible.