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Android 13 targets businesses with new features to separate personal and work data

Android 13 targets businesses with new features to separate personal and work data

PARIS, September 7 (Benin News/EP) –

The Google Unveiled new features, including robot 13 For businesses, including but not limited to the ability to separate and switch between profile, work, and personal data more easily.

The Mountain View-based company offers, through Android projectA set of tools and services for managing and managing devices based on the operating system the company is using.

Android 13 has also arrived on these phones, and it has done so with new features, as Google explained in a statement posted on its blog.

For starters, Android 13 allows customizing the user experience of these devices from the API (APIsfor its English abbreviation) from Android management.

To do this, it offers the possibility to modify user settings, among other customization options. Additionally, it means the Android Enterprise team will be able to roll out new features more often, according to Google.

Better balance between profiles

Android 13 has also updated working profiles. They make it possible to separate work and personal apps and data within the same Android device.

With the latest version of the operating system, business profiles offer a simpler presentation aimed at Improve productivity and capabilities between different devices.

These improvements lead, for example, to the ability for an employee to specify which “application” should be open in their personal and professional files. In addition, the user can have two photo galleries on the same device and maintain a clean separation between the list of corporate videos and the list of personal YouTube videos.

To boost productivity, Android 13 includes a number of tools such as smart dictation, which is currently only available in work profiles on Pixel devices. In addition, it also allows the use of technology NFC Business applications to enable payment from business applications.

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New features for increased security and privacy

The tech company also highlighted the advances Android 13 brings to businesses in terms of security and privacy. One is a new “hub” that makes it easier for employees to manage their security and privacy settings, see what information their devices share with the company, and stay up to date with what’s going on. any restrictions imposed on it.

Android 13 will also empower corporate system administrators by giving them more control over WiFi connection to devices. To that end, it includes security logs that monitor activities over WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as those that require a password.

Finally, Android 13 included files Bluetooth and the Ultra Wideband (UWB) In the list of more than 30 modules that can be updated remotely from Google System Updates.

More features to come

Looking ahead, the tech company announced a feature that will allow employees to respond to and access work information from their company’s Chromebooks. In addition, all their interactions will be protected by end-to-end encryption.

Other new features, such as . lost mode. there Keep your WiFi privacy at work Soon in Android 13 via Android Management API.

Lost Mode allows system administrators to block access and locate stolen or lost corporate devices. stay alone On WiFi’s work It automatically encrypts device traffic when an employee activates their profile while connected to the company’s WiFi network.