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Android 13 – How to install the operating system on your smartphone?

Android 13 or rather the beta version of Android 13 is available. We explain how to install it on a smartphone.

Time passes incredibly quickly. Google met the deadlines. Android 13 Beta 1 is available. This new version of the operating system brings many new features, but Google has mainly focused on security and app permissions.

Android 13 – Compatible Smartphones

Before embarking on this adventure, remember that the Beta version is not a stable release and it may contain bugs.

to enjoy weddingsAndroid 13 Beta 1 Before anyone else, you must meet certain conditions.

The first is owning a Google Pixel smartphone. Only Pixel 4 and later versions are compatible with Android 13. Here’s the full list: Pixel 4Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5And Pixel 5a phonePixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro.

How to install Android 13

Since this is an incomplete copy, it must go through a validation process. go to page Android 13 Beta release schedule. Sign in with your Google account if this is not done automatically.

Click the “Show your eligible devices” button. Your Pixel smartphone should appear in the list.
-If not, then it is not linked to the account you are connecting to.
Choose the Pixel smartphone that will receive Android 13.

-You have two options. Google offers you to join the Android 12 Beta or Android 13 Beta program.
-If you are already enrolled in the Android 12 Beta program, you must uncheck the box.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and accept the terms and conditions of the program. Confirm your consent. All you have to do is wait. You will soon receive an over-the-air update on your Google Pixel phone.

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