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André Villette, first winner of the IRCM Outreach Award

André Villette, first winner of the IRCM Outreach Award

This award from the Montreal Institute for Clinical Research (IRCM) aims to reward the scientist’s continued work to popularize, explain and clarify critical scientific questions that have an impact on people’s health, particularly through the media.

Full Professor at the University of Montreal and Director of the Molecular Oncology Research Unit at IRCM, André Veillette has contributed and continues to contribute to strengthening public confidence in science.

“Since the beginning of the epidemic, Drs Villette continues to share his knowledge and passion for health research with the public, interacting daily with journalists and emphasizing the importance of health research in our lives.”s Jean-François Cote, Scientific Director and Interim President of the Institute.

Recently, ds Veillette was part of the COVID-19 Vaccines Task Force, set up by the Government of Canada to deal with the pandemic. For many years, he has been actively involved in stakeholder groups dedicated to advancing health research.

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