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Andre Sauvé closes the episode

Andre Sauvé closes the episode

“I wanted to end the tour to close this episode.” Passing through Montreal for two shows of who – whichOn Friday and Saturday evenings, Andrei Sovi is in the main part of his tour that will end in June. These shows would mark the end of a trilogy he’s been following for 15 years.

Andre Sauvé wants it again. The comedian doesn’t turn his back on the scene, far from it. But he no longer wanted to repeat the “single view, decor, tour” model. After three solo performances, he knows the formula well.

susceptible who – which And so he wants it to be the end of a trilogy he started in 2008. “The show ends with closing something, he says. And you have to close if you want to open something else.”

And that is why Andre Sauvé wanted to end his tour in who – which. When the pandemic hit, the comedian had just passed the milestone of 100,000 tickets sold and 145 shows. After a two-year hiatus, he could turn off the lights on this production.

“But I didn’t want it to end up in a fishtail and people to be compensated,” he said. I would find it unfortunate. I’m happy to close a file patent. I find it important to do things right. »

André Sauvé had 40 offers to submit before the tour ended. Omicron’s arrival disrupted the schedule, to the point that he would do all remaining shows in four months instead of six.

The comedian returned to the stage last month. He has not played in public for two years.

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“I was a little nervous at first,” he says. But soon the people’s satisfaction swept her away. At first, it was funny to go from the really remote pace of life to the lights and cameras. »

“I love destabilizing myself”

André Sauvé spent most of the pandemic at his home in Hautes-Alpes, France. “Once you’re in the country, that changes everything,” he says. Pandemic, I haven’t experienced it like most people in town. »

What will he do once his tour is over? Andre Sauvé does not know for sure, even if he states that he had several ideas on his mind.

“I like you to destabilize me,” he said. At the moment, I have a lot of written work and I don’t know yet what forms it will take. »

He would like to revive an exciting project like the show with OSM, which he did in 2017. “I loved it. »

It is also open for cinema screenings. “I would like to play in a movie, not necessarily in a comedy, precisely to destabilize me again. I find it nice to find oneself elsewhere.”

Andre Sofie will present who – which Friday and Saturday evenings, at Théâtre St-Denis. For information: