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And if dickpics allows tracking?

And if dickpics allows tracking?

“They don’t like going to doctors, they don’t even like showing their features. STDs, diseases, and cancers are often caught very late and difficult to treat. So how do you encourage men to show their genitals more often to specialists?” This is the question posed in the “Dickpics-Diagnostic” campaign, launched by CerHom, France’s first male health association.

Organize a free and anonymous consultation after receiving a request for a medical examination

She had the idea to prevent and educate patients about testicular cancer. “50% of women received a picture of their genitals. We created fake profiles on dating apps. And guess what? It worked. Over 100 pictures received in one month,” Explains linking to video.

After receiving an unapproved intimate shot with a message, the fake profiles send this type of response: “Hi! Looking closely at your picture, one of your testicles appears to be swollen. This could be a symptom of infection or cancer. Consider seeing a doctor. Sending a picture of your genitals without their consent is assault.” Punishable by law. On site dickpic-diagnostic.comThe association notes that men should send their intimate photos “to the right person”, that is, to a team of specialized doctors, who can answer their questions anonymously and for free on WhatsApp.

Testicular cancer: Consider a monthly self-examination

As a reminder, testicular cancer often develops from cells that produce sperm. according to Cancer Research FoundationIt is the most common type of cancer among young people between the ages of 15 and 35. “Testicular cancer is often diagnosed after a lump that you may have detected on palpation or discovered by your doctor,” says Dr. specific National Cancer Institute.

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As part of its campaign, the CerHom Association reminds us that we should consider self-examination every month. This must be done in a hot bath. “The heat will make it easier. Roll the testicle between your thumb and other fingers. Check for any lump, swelling, or pain,” She explains before adding that if in doubt, it is advisable to consult a doctor.