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Anatomy of a fight against Ryan Reeves

Anatomy of a fight against Ryan Reeves

A year ago today, November 16, 2021, Michael Pezzetta threw the gauntlet against Ryan Reeves at Madison Square Garden.

The event marked the striker’s young career path, who recalled the famous fight during an informal discussion with Marc-Andre Perrault. Watch the fight in the main video.

“When the fight started, I turned around and couldn’t watch the injured players [sur la galerie de presse] They put their heads in their hands. “It was a career-changing moment for Pezzetta,” said the journalist on the La Dose podcast.

While the encounter was unequal on paper, Peseta maintained that the fight was “schematic”. After scoring his first point in Detroit on November 13 and his first goal in Boston on November 14, the Canadian No. 55 wanted to prove his worth, despite a shoulder injury he sustained a few days earlier.

“He arrived at Madison Square Garden and said to himself, ‘This is what’s happening tonight, I have to show my teammates that I will always be there to protect them,'” Perrault said.

“I told him: ‘You are really sick. Drops Ryan Reeves, at Madison Square Garden, you have to be crazy. In the end, the fight would be short-lived. Reeves hit the target several times, before Peseta fell.

However, the Canadian strongman does not regret anything.

“In the following weeks, players from other teams went to see him to congratulate him. I keep thinking that this was a turning point for Peseta. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons he got a one-way contract this season.”

Hear the full clip from Marc-André Perreault on La Dose here: