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An uproar after the dismissal of the CEO of Radio Serta because of Fayrouz

An uproar after the dismissal of the CEO of Radio Serta because of Fayrouz

The dismissal of the director of Radio Serta in Constantine and three other employees for playing a song by the Lebanese singer Fairouz sparked chain reactions on social media. The argument is that the song glorifies Christianity.

Algerian netizens unanimously condemned the reaction, which they considered excessive on the part of the Algerian Radio Administration. Journalist and writer Zohari Lapter posted on his Facebook page the song that earned radio station officials their posts, along with this comment: “A song by the great Lebanese singer Fairuz is banned from the air by the radio director. National Radio Mohamed Baghali. Shame. Long live Fairuz and fall censorship!”.

And the president of the National Federation of Public Health Practitioners (SNPSP), Dr. Les Merabet, also made no secret of his dismay. What about the songs and religious symbols broadcast by public and private television channels through films and documentaries? asks himself.

“What do we do with the articles of the constitution that guarantee the right of Algerians to freedom of opinion and even differences in matters of religious belief? He adds.

“Too much! The doctor is upset.” Fairuz, the Lebanese singer who sang Jamila Bouhired and the Algerian revolution, is banned in Algeria! On Facebook, journalist Arezki Ait Al-Arabi, who accompanied his comment with a song by the Lebanese singer, denounced the Mujahid Bouhired.

“Playing a song for Fairuz can get you fired,” writer Linda Schueten, author of the 2018 Mohamed Dib Award finalist “Roman des Pov’cheveux,” wrote.

The vice president of the Algerian League for Human Rights, Said Salehi, denounced the “scandal”. He pointed out that “singer Fairouz was banned from broadcasting on Radio Constantine because of her religion, while in Algeria an entire Algerian Christian community practices its worship within the framework of the law.”

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Paradox of some Internet users. “The problem is that Channel 3 (French-speaking radio) broadcasts a Mass for Catholics from (the cathedral) Notre Dame Africa (Algiers) every Sunday. We don’t understand anything in this country,” cries journalist Yazid Khaber.

The National Radio Administration has not yet responded to this issue. He did not confirm or deny the information circulated on social media about the dismissal of the CEO of Radio Serta because of the Lebanese singer Fairuz.