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An “unreal” opportunity for fast attacking men

An “unreal” opportunity for fast attacking men

Originally from Granby and some municipalities in Rowville, the guys from Fast Offensive will set the table on Friday for an evening that includes Thrice and Story of the Year performances. They plan to make the most of their allotted 30 minutes… in case it doesn't happen again before 2044!

“For us, it's an opportunity to play together again Displays With several big names, on Internal training And with A power Which you can't find elsewhere. the It is happening “It's perfect for this type of meeting,” bassist Fred Lussier explained in an interview. Voice of the East this week.

Fast Offensive's eclectic style seems to nicely sum up the musical spectrum covered by the au lac festival, which gradually moves from punk to metal, including rock.

A real privilege

It won't be Fred Lussier on his first try, having experienced the first release with Killed by Sorrow last year. Still, the St. Paul-Dabotsford resident feels very relieved to have received the same invitation as the groups he listened to profusely at the turn of the millennium.

“I discovered In Flames while studying at CEGEP and it has pretty much become my work Squad favorite. I also know the other guys from Fast Offensive tripartite Very strong in three and the story of the year.”

“The program is disgusting for all three evenings, so it's a really great opportunity to put our name on this poster. I would even say it's completely unreal!”

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But the fast attack did not steal his place. The band performed between 1997 and 2004, even taking part in a Canadian tour with Swedish band Raised Fist. Then the vicissitudes of life pushed the foursome in different directions. They reportedly have enough material to produce a third album, but the planets will have to align right one way or another.

Local representation at the second au lac festival will be completed by Run TERRY Run, made up mainly of Granby residents. Three other groups in Quebec are also included in the programming.

some modifications

This time, the WellDone Productions team hopes to reach 10,000 spectators.

Host Isabelle Desjardins promised last month to “make a lot of noise,” but some measures were announced in December in order to improve relations with the Daniel Johnson Park neighborhood. Deathcore and Grindcore bands in particular were excluded.

Additional tents have also been added, as heavy rain is expected to hit the area from Thursday to Sunday.