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An Overview of the Latest Facebook Updates

Nowadays, it is possible to find everything you are looking for on social media. For example, you can follow social media platforms even for a niche topic like Vulkan Vegas bonuses and check out your friends’ posts to find out which Canadian casino online is the best. The first name that comes to mind when talking about social media is Facebook, and this platform is not just a place to interact with your friends anymore. With the features added in recent years, Facebook has now turned into something very different: You can use it for many different purposes, from shopping to education. Below, we briefly list the latest Facebook updates and talk about new things you can do on this platform.

Horizon Workrooms

This innovation is a perfect example that Facebook is not just a social media platform. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of us have been working from home and using a variety of apps to get together with colleagues. The most impressive of these applications may have been developed by Facebook, as the newly added “Horizon” feature allows you to meet with people from all over the world using virtual reality technology. This feature requires the use of Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses. You can create a virtual meeting record on a site called “Workrooms”, send invitations to your friends via Facebook, and come together in a virtual environment and do almost anything you want. You can share your notes and calendar, use your Facebook ID to join meeting rooms, and, of course, make both voice and text chats. In Horizon rooms, everyone is represented by a 3D avatar, and it is possible to walk around the room and interact with the environment and other avatars.

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Facebook Bulletin

There has been an increase in the number of independent writers in recent years, but these writers are struggling to interact with their audiences. Facebook Bulletin is designed to solve this problem: You can think of it as a platform consisting of a set of publishing and subscription tools. This platform is currently only available in the US and gives authors the chance to create their own websites. You can think of these sites as a more advanced version of personal Facebook pages. Authors can share their works on their sites, create chat rooms, and interact directly with their readers. But more importantly, they can create a subscription. In other words, they can publish their works and sell them directly to readers via subscription, without the need for a publishing house.

Facebook Fantasy Games

Fantasy sports leagues are very common, especially in the United States and Canada. This is probably why this new feature is currently only available in these two countries. However, this time you can create leagues not only for sports but also for content such as pop culture and TV shows. You can design your own league or join one of the existing leagues. There is a global scoreboard of public games. Facebook has collaborated with TV channels for this project because the two games currently available are about the shows “Survivor” and “The Bachelorette”: participants try to guess who will be the winner in these shows. We can say that these games resemble sports betting in a way, but you do not use or win real money: everything is just for fun.

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New Facebook Settings

One of the things Facebook users complain about the most is the confusion on the settings screen: It is very difficult to find a specific setting you are looking for, and it is sometimes not possible to understand what to do and how. For example, even to access your privacy settings, you have to make countless clicks and waste time on menus that have nothing to do with the subject. It’s surprising that a company like Facebook could make such an amateur mistake, but it’s even more surprising that it has persisted for years. Fortunately, this issue is now gone with an update in early August 2021. Facebook settings have been redesigned and include six basic categories. Different groupings have been made for the most important settings under each category, and you can now access your privacy settings directly, for example. Even if you do not use the Facebook application, you can access the new settings menu.

One Billion Dollar Facebook Bonus

Facebook plans to distribute various bonuses to content producers until the end of 2022, and the total amount of these bonuses is determined as 1 billion dollars. Unfortunately, you cannot participate in these bonuses with your personal page, but if you produce content on Facebook or Instagram and reach predetermined goals, you can get your share. Facebook makes all the new features it adds to the platform a part of this bonus program. For example, if you reach one million followers with the Bulletin platform (the figure is given as an example), you can get a share of this fund. This feature is designed especially for video and gaming creators, but if you have content that you can monetize, and you offer it on Facebook or Instagram, you can be a part of the bonus program after reaching certain milestones.

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