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An outdoor reading space for the Louis Nucéra Library

The Nice Municipal Library will benefit from improvements and will be presented An innovative outdoor reading spaceAnd In addition to the traditional indoor reading corner.

The city of Nice makes it a point of honor to maintain its cultural institutions to a high standard and therefore does not hesitate to undertake redevelopment work if required. This will be the case for the Louis Nucéra Library, which has not been renovated for many years, and would benefit from a renovation.

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This renovation is part of the Promenade du Paillon extension, which is helping to transform Nice into a “garden city” by creating spaces for conviviality and well-being for residents.

The width of the library will be expanded with the creation of an outdoor patio to provide readers with a serene experience in the midst of nature. Thus, the library will benefit from cultural, recreational and educational spaces both indoors and outdoors.

The space inside will be preserved and will provide every comfort needed for all audiences, from young to old, including parents. With the new design, reading enthusiasts will also be able to take advantage of an innovative space, located outside the library in a shaded courtyard, conducive to relaxation and reading.

Jean-Luc Galliolo, Vice-Mayor for Education, Culture at
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