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An organization that trains ranged birds in Greater Vancouver

Bird associating is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with this wonderful speciesdomain manager geeks, Julian Heaviside.

wild research Bird ringing in the provincial park’s Iona beach Since 2010. However, some members of the organization are concerned because they fear they will not be able to continue collecting data due to upcoming changes in the park.

Metro Vancouver plans to redevelop the provincial park and the old sewage treatment plant. The cost of the transaction is estimated at $9.9 billion.

Julian Heaviside Bird teams at Iona Beach Provincial Park Bird Observatory, operated by Wild Research, in Richmond, British Columbia

Photo: Radio Canada/Ben Nelms

We are currently uncertain about the impact of this large-scale, long-term project on our business and wild bird stopping sites in general.he admits Julian Heaviside.

Banding maintains that bird banding is one of the oldest forms of zoology, dating back more than 100 years.

According to him, the birds are handled meticulously and are never harmed. The idea is that the slight nuisance we inflict on these birds is worth the greater information we can gather about the population.

Collect data

Each year, Wildlife Canada issues more than 700 bird tie permits across the country, 27 of which are part of Canada’s Immigration Control Network. It provides long-term data on population trends for more than 200 bird species.

Data collected by citizens and emerging scientists helps researchers uncover trends among the nation’s birds. Birds, as they say, are harbingershe explains Julian Heaviside. If the birds are doing well, the ecosystem is probably working.

Data shows that the number of songbirds in the country has declined by 30% over the past 50 years, according to a 2019 report on the State of Canada’s Birds.

Changes coming to Iona Beach

Metro Vancouver says provincial officials have met with the birding community on several occasions, including wild research. The upgrade will improve wildlife habitats and increase opportunities for birds, according to the regional.

We are certainly aware of all the research that is being done in this field.says Jeffrey Fitzpatrick, Metro Vancouver’s director of regional park design and development.

We’ve made sure to take note of all the different sites and plan in a future-oriented way how we can expand this research.

Metro Vancouver and conservationists agree that the provincial park Iona beach It is a unique area and is home to dozens of migratory birds that both sides want to see flourish.

According to Jeffrey Fitzpatrick, improvements to the park and sewage treatment facility will enrich the experience of the 400,000 people who visit the area each year, as well as that of all the migratory species that depend on it to survive.

With information from Maryse Zeidler