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An iPhone with a USB-C port sold for a crazy amount

An iPhone with a USB-C port sold for a crazy amount

For years, not a day without words Ditching the Lightning port in favor of USB-C for the iPhone. But nothing to do, Apple refuses, speaking of as an impediment to innovation. However, it is possible to install this technology on a smartphone from the Cupertino company. The engineer has proven it Unveil the iPhone with a USB-C port. And for this unique model, the iPhone X, the young man is asking for a large sum, talking about โ€œ A true collector’s item for any Apple fan ยป. It is possible to charge and transfer data but seller advise against daily use.

This unique iPhone X is offered by the seller Starting at $90,000 on eBay with a one-week auction. The grand winner will also have the right to contact the engineer named Ken Bellonel, a student of robotics, to ask him questions. The latter vows to respond. But if Lightning can be replaced with USB-C, An apple Does he intend to do this one day? Hard to say because Cupertino continues to push back the deadline imposed by the European Commission.

The American company puts forward several arguments as an obstacle to innovation. One thing is for sure: if rumors announce a change to the iPhone 14, I’m not sure that’s actually the case…

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