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An intimidated Mooseheads fan in Quebec receives Remparts support

A Halifax Mooseheads fan with Down syndrome was bullied in the stands at the Videotron Center on Saturday during Game 2 of the QMJHL Finals. But those painful moments gave way to some relief: Remparts offered him a $5,000 scholarship.

Young Tyler Long from Dartmouth attended the game with his mother.

The latter denounced the situation in a post on Instagram.

behavior of some Section 118 supporters, who allegedly kicked the backs of their seats and insulted her 28-year-old son.

The Rempar family’s chief of communications, Nicole Bouchard, is unable to confirm the nature of the actions taken or the identity of the perpetrators, but maintains that security must intervene.

The Remparts prepare for game three

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Ramparts replied

After Nicole Bouchard reported the incident, she reached out to Tyler Long’s mother to offer her the team’s official apology and invite her to come and meet the team at practices on Monday morning.

The youngster, who had been around the Mooseheads for a few years, had the opportunity to go on the bench for the team and even join the guys on the ice at the end of practice.

Rimbar’s family awarded him a $5,000 scholarship to help pay for his special needs related to his condition.

No complaint has been filed with the police, according to Quebec Remparts.

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