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An intense comment by Nazem Qadri

An intense comment by Nazem Qadri

The National Hockey League Players Safety Department granted Colorado striker Avalanche Nazem Qadri an eight-match ban Friday night.

The recurring offender was penalized for hitting the St. Louis Blues defender Justin Falk Wednesday, in the second match of the series between the two teams.

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The full-back was hit in the head midway through the third game and lay on the ice for a long time. He walked into the locker room and did not return to the match and his attacker was kicked out of the game.

This is the third time that Kadri has received a suspension in the playoff match. In 2019, when he wore the Maple Leafs colors, Ontario was penalized for a double check-up against Boston Bruins’ Jake DeBrusk in the second match of the series featuring Toronto FC. Then he was punished for what remained of this watershed confrontation. The previous year, he was suspended for three matches as he endowed the strength to Bruins striker Tommy Wengels. Since 2013, he has received five suspensions.

Kaddy’s penalty will start in the third game of the series against the Blues, which is currently led by Avalanche 2-0. If suspension is not fully suspended during the current qualifiers, the remaining games will be offered at the start of 2021-2022 regular season.

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