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An inclusive and inspiring stadium

An inclusive and inspiring stadium

A short break from the campaign trail for some nice tangible news, in the real world of the real world, they say.

TVA Nouvelles has already reported the realization of a pioneering initiative In the working-class neighborhood of Saint-Michel – by the way, where I had the opportunity to grow up.

Even if I don’t live there anymore, I love this neighborhood. Because it’s a true microcosm of Montreal’s diversity. Because it’s more exciting than the crime stories you see in the news.

Neighborhood kids will now be able to have fun in a large, 16,000-square-foot “inclusive” playground, which opened this week. Inclusive because it can also – and finally (!) – fully accommodate children with physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities. Encourage!

In this large park adapted to all needs, children, whether with or without disabilities, can have fun together and get to know each other in a place of true social diversity. What a great tool to break down prejudices, build self-confidence and accept differences!

For the future

In this new meeting place, renamed Parc Julie-Hamelin, strong friendships will surely be built for the future.

The project is a joint outgrowth of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension and the Fondation Bon DĂ©part de Canadian Tire.

Tuesday, during the park’s opening, also attended senator and former Paralympic champion Chantal Petticlerk, as well as Benoit Hout, the Paralympic champion in swimming. hats to support them.

I can only try to imagine the tremendous good that such a garden would have done for my sister Manon if she herself had lived from birth with an intellectual disability, and which she was able to enjoy in the sixties and seventies of the last century, in Saint-Michel, from such a magical place And open to differences.

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San Michele, once again, show us the way. Montreal is where diversity, in all its forms, is a treasure to be cherished. By all of us and for all of us.