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An evening to benefit the League Against Cancer in Le Mans

An evening to benefit the League Against Cancer in Le Mans

A musical evening for the Anti-Cancer League, entitled “Notes of Hope”, will be held on Saturday at 8:30 pm, in the Church of Saint Teresa, rue de la Fresneliere.

In addition to the wonderful moments of music and poetry, the evening will also allow President Jackie Collet to introduce the Cancer League and Drs Yoann Pointreau, MD, a radiation oncologist, serves the Sarth Cancer Center. Patient testimonials will also be provided and time will be set aside to discuss the benefits of choral singing.

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Song, music and time for discussion

On the musical side, the audience will be able to applaud several choirs, all directed by Magali Le Moyne: the Hemule Children's Choir, the Galt Triad, Hemule and Mille Accord augmented by singers from Harmonia. A poetic interlude will be presented with lyrics to music by Martin and Philippe Bruce and Renaissance dances by the Révérence group, directed by Gilles Papineau. The evening, hosted by Michel Rideau, concludes with a cantata by Jean-Sebastian Bach on the organ and a final group song.

Share the hat. Donations are used for awareness, prevention, action for patients and their loved ones, and funding research.

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