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An embarrassing video of Michel Villeneuve resurfaces and embarrasses him

An embarrassing video of Michel Villeneuve resurfaces and embarrasses him

Earlier this week, we brought you Host Reviews Marie-Claude Savard Who publicly revealed during the podcast the behind-the-scenes of a woman who was trying to find her place in the very closed world of men who cover the Montreal Canadiens.

Especially at that time, towards the end of the 1990s, when the atmosphere was particularly toxic.

The three men who were the most evil to her were the journalists Michel Villeneuve And Regan Tremblayas well as former communications director at CH, Donald Beauchamp.

She didn’t hesitate to say it loud and clear.

Regarding Villeneuve, who, according to her, was one of the journalists who intimidated her and did everything in their power to make her ruin and ruin her career, she tells an anecdote that gives a good idea of ​​the contempt he had for her.

“I remember I was on Salut and Bonjour and won awards and had an important career, and at LCN they hired Michel Villeneuve to host a sports show in the evening. I was sad. They didn’t ask me, when I said to myself I wanted to host a sports show in the evening, why they hired someone From outside? When I met him in the corridor, he said to me: “Hello! Hello little one. Even though you win trophies, you’re not the one who takes on big assignments!”

-Marie-Claude Savard

Furthermore, she claims that shortly after, Villeneuve asked someone other than herself to interview him during his visit to the city Hello good Morning To promote his new show.

After these confirmations, which caused a sensation on social networking sites, Michel Villeneuve He broke the silence and responded to a user who asked him about his reaction to such allegations.

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Here’s what he had to answer.

“Honestly, the only memory I have of Madame Savard is her participation in Salut Bonjour. She never brought my attention to my coverage of the event. Sorry!”

– Michel Villeneuve

Now retired, it is clear that he has no intention of admitting the contempt he felt towards her, but Villeneuve seems to have forgotten that there was a video in which he was beaten by the latter in… Artis concert To receive the award for Best Sports Show Host and his reaction says it all.

Needless to say, the disdain seemed to be at its peak in Villeneuve’s reaction after Savard’s victory was announced.

Moreover, his explanations are not at all accurate, and dozens of netizens were keen to tell him so.

You can check out an excerpt of the interview with the host below in which she offers her denunciations.