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An email from Phil Spencer confirms he wants to bring xCloud to other consoles

An email from Phil Spencer confirms he wants to bring xCloud to other consoles

The email Phil Spencer sent to Epic will reveal some of Microsoft’s plans.

Image credit: Microsoft

The lawsuit between Epic and Apple that is currently open is very important in regards to the royalties to be paid to publishers, but it is also the source of many discoveries that also affect the third companies.

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After revealing how Sony is claiming royalties on crossplay games, it is the email used as a document during the trial to reveal Microsoft’s plans. Nintendolife Reports indicate that in a letter sent in August 2020 to Tim Sweeney, Director of Epic Games, Phil Spencer spoke about the expansion of Xbox and the passage of “Xcloud to other consoles”.

I owe you a bunch of things while I’m running late. I apologize for that, there is a lot going on but this is not an excuse.

You’ve obviously seen our Samsung advertisement, and now we’re moving and going with Apple. At Microsoft’s highest levels, we are committed to lobbying these policies and continuing to expand the capabilities of our console platforms. You can chime when you feel comfortable.

But I just wanted to let you know that I have your view on xCloud on other consoles I haven’t given up, free games outside of Xbox Gold (we’ll get there, I want to share with you), store your merit ideas as items I’ll review with you to make progress. I’m committed to that, just behind me.

The tone used clearly shows that it goes beyond intentions. However, according to analyst David Gibson, Nintendo representatives have told him that Nintendo has no intention of allowing the game streaming service on the Switch.

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However, the switch starts to appear more and more on Background during Microsoft conference callsIt is a clear sign of the rapprochement between the two companies. On the other hand, Nintendo could allow it to stream games that do not run on the Switch, which will not compete with its own games.