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An astronaut discovering a SpaceX launch pad from space

While photographing Texas from the International Space Station, astronaut Koichi Wakata discovers Starbase, the launch base for SpaceX rockets. He then asked his followers if they could detect the installation. You have been chewed out of work.

It really takes an expert to locate the SpaceX South Texas Launch Site © Twitter @Astro_Wakata

Astronauts sit on the International Space Station, loving Earthlings below. Last summer, Samantha Cristoforetti shared a snap that shows a light shining in broad daylight. This came from an Israeli solar thermal power plant. Koichi Wakata lectured aboard the International Space Station in turn over Texas. After posting the image to Twitter, he asked his followers if they were able to spot the shiny SpaceX facility.

Unless you live in the area or are familiar with the astronautics business, you probably won’t be able to find Starbase in the picture. So let us give you a hand. In the image above, the red circle shows SpaceX’s Starbase Launch Control Center building, along with the Starbase Tracking Station.

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Starbase seen from the International Space Station

It’s also the location of SpaceX’s Rocket Garden which is home to several Starship spacecraft, most of which feature vintage designs that were never launched. As for the blue circle, it shows the launch site for the next first test of SpaceX’s next-generation rocket, the Super Heavy.

This will attempt to carry the Starship into orbit for a short test flight. In the future, NASA intends to use the two machines for Future manned missions to the Moon and even Mars. SpaceX has yet to confirm when the first Super Heavy will launch, though it should take place in the coming months. Reminder, The Super Heavy booster exploded during a test last July.

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