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An app to make 3D plans using iPhone

An app to make 3D plans using iPhone

iOS 16 will come with an amazing new API called RoomPlan. You will create a 3D plan just by scanning a room with iPhone’s LiDAR. The result was very successful.

there is little, apple It unveiled the new operating system, iOS 16, which will be available this fall. And this one never ceases to amaze, as it was revealed that it would soon be possible to use it Iphone To create a 3D interior chart. However, if some apps are actually able to do this, it is not always the most accurate. From now on, this will be possible thanks to a new programming interface (API) called RoomPlan, which exploits LiDAR for iPhone and IPAD – A pulsed laser beam that can measure distances, and thus analyze objects and room dimensions – to quickly create a 3D plan. A job that will delight real estate agents and interior designers.

Complete plan in seconds

Philip Esposito, journalist at 9to5Mac, reveals that he was able to test this technology thanks to an illustration code given to him by the developers. He states that he was able to create a 3D diagram of his living room in a matter of seconds, simply by pointing his iPhone’s camera in the direction of the room’s walls using a compatible app.

The API can recognize certain objects, which appear as blocks, so that the focus is on the floor plan. “The journalist explained that what impressed me most, besides accuracy, was the speed of digitization. The API provides excellent animations and a real-time preview that shows scanning progress. “ The 3D floor plan can be exported as a USDZ file that is compatible with popular tools such as Cinema 4D, Shapr3D, and AutoCAD.

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